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Employee Showcase: Meet Dan Johnson, Field Paint Specialist

Dan Johnson - Technical Account ManagerDan Johnson is the Field Paint Specialist at GracoRoberts and has specialized in technical consultation for high-performance coating solutions for over four decades. Dan’s first job as a teenager was mixing paint in an auto parts shop where he tested in the superior range of competence for color discrimination and matching. He then took a job where he specialized in spray equipment for paint and was a Certified Warranty Specialist for the big three players in spray equipment – Graco, Devilbiss, and Binks. After working in the automotive paint industry, he chose to pursue his interest in aviation and work in aerospace for US Paint and Dexter Corporations’ coatings unit (acquired by AkzoNobel in 2000). His extensive product knowledge and tenure in the industry positioned him as an expert in automatic spray guns and systems, paint booths, custom color matching, and paint demonstrations for commercial, military, and general aerospace high-performance coatings.

Dan’s “hands-on” instruction philosophy and technical knowledge led him to establish some of the original paint school training programs for AkzoNobel, Dexter Corporation, and Graco Supply Company (now GracoRoberts), enabling both suppliers and sales teams to understand the basics of paint and the various ways it can be used.

As the Field Paint Specialist at GracoRoberts, Dan utilizes his hands-on problem-solving approach and technical expertise to help customers reduce cost and labor, increase consistency, and improve efficiency. These outcomes are achieved by sourcing the right product for their application, performing mixing tutorials, setting up the spray guns, demonstrating application techniques, and throwing on a paint suit and mask to finish the job if the customer needs an extra hand. Dan finds satisfaction in helping customers find the perfect “recipe” for paints and coatings to ensure consistent color matching among batches and facilitating easier aircraft paint repairs. Dan says, “I enjoy getting suited up and helping clients on-site – showing them how to properly mix the paint and get it to perform the way they need to for their specific problem – it’s incredibly rewarding to see our customers happy and get their operations up and running as soon as possible.”

As GracoRoberts’ resident paint expert, Dan is eager to consult on your next project and give you the personal support and technical expertise you need to succeed.

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